:) Create a viable male birth control pill and watch the fertility rate go down even further. Picture that fun, a married couple she wants kids, he doesn’t but doesn’t want to rock the boat.

The real reality is this women don’t feel safe, men feel even less safe but are blinded by hormones (not a valid excuse).

So who is going to want to have to pay millions in costs for a child when they feel unsafe?

So in a democratic utopia, lets say that wins out. The problem is the messaging has been so poorly done and men have been left behind, men will shirk away and things will get a bit more extreme on the reproductive front. So women will sow their oats as they should, have their careers, and then when ready later in life have the children and relationships they want on their terms the problem will come down to supply and demand (so the extremes will be pronounced much more).

The reality is the problem is really complex, and it takes solving everyone’s problems and building a safety net, so people actually have kids when they are at their best genetic viability which is in their early 20s.

My experience is from breeding horses and seeing the genetic freaks and still borns and the other nasty things that grow exponentially as the eggs age and the sperm ages too.

IMO, the children of the children of Generation Z maybe in the best social situation based upon our trials, and most of us won’t be around to see it.

Until then …fear will rule the day ….

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