Critical thinking? Nah who needs that! (ha)

Take a conservative person and threaten them and they will go for the jugular. With the current pie is shrinking view life becomes always about "ors" and never about "ands", so when one attempts to look at how to protect their family and their own. They use their own paradigm of thinking.

It is why I always state to some folks (using kink as an example) ... one genders domination will be different then another.

The thing is when you have privilege and an advantage you don't get the luxury of empathy and sympathy of another. The only way is if you are known to have good intent and heart, which from your reading those folks don't have it.

How do they undo this hell? Well actively listen and particpate and help those for whom you fear.

To be fair, since 2016 no side or party has any high road "at all". I was hoping with the pandemic people would gain some sanity, but instead we got the only realization that we had to rely on mother nature to cull those lacking with mental acuity.

As for CRT, what should have been done is to have this as an AP offerring in high school. These are advanced topics that should have been framed that way. Instead we get this maelstrom and then we get to have the anti-wokism with banning of books.

Nope ... so we get the dumbing down which suits those with resources since those that can't think ... can't fight.

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