Day 17 holding off and day 20 with only one minor slip on email (so 4 if you count that as a reset).

The energy surges are wicked, and the confidence boost is amazing. Little things though trigger me as I slowly work through the "deprogramming".

So fist bump to you and now my goal is just to enjoy erotica and reading sans pictures :)

There are enough beautiful women and people out there to keep one's mind "entertained". Well as long as I see them wearing a mask.

E.g There was as a stunner in the produce aisle (no creeping/staring mind you. Nose Dick ... I was like yuck and ugh.

Meanwhile a more rubensque woman walked by fully masked. So much sexier and I was like ok this is good. Pre-COVID and the try .... well you know the tropish ending.

I love being able to reset and remove biases that are not good or health, so one day versus one stroke is the goals :)

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