Doctors are built within the prism of traditional views. E.g. I could never get a female GP? What is wrong with you? I ended up getting therapy and made it happen.

The ironic thing is the male doctor has more empathy and sympathy and bedside manner then the female doctor I interact with regularly.

A few years back I went form taking weight off at a great clip, and then I hit a brick wall. Her solution send me a Netflix link on weight loss. The real issue? An infected tooth under a crown which was causing an immunotherapy drug to fire off 24x7x365. I had to fight that for two years, and I had root canal and now it is ok-ish.

Her response you need to lose weight. still ... I had to remind her that I damaged my IT band in my leg while trying to ride a horse. The pain hurt to sit, hurt to lay and hurt even more to stand and walk #notWinning.

I was on 1800mg of pharamacy grade ibuprofen and 2700 mg of tylenol every day. On a lark, I used a horse supplement with a "night shade" herb in it (can't remember what it was) and it actually helped unscrew the infllammation and I actually could feel the nerves throb and regrow over a few months.

Migraines as I can imagine has to be about an imbalance somewhere and it makes it hard to diagnose in a I do X and Y it gets better.

I am sorry you have to fight through this hell. My only cheap advice I can give is I believe migraines have an allergy component to it with inflammation. So finding out the triggers and minimizing them for weeks is the key. When I have allergic reactions they take a day or two to subside with sleep.

AS for the pretty privilege, you betcha it is real. You like I am kind of like the black sheep of the family in things. That is a stress inducer thing also ... so remember for some guys ... blondes definitely do not have more fun. Some prefer brunettes and raven haired, and redheads :), and I wish guys would evolve to realize the intelligence and wit are sexy AF ...

So what do you do now? Reduce the stressors, control the stimulants and find ways to reduce the stressors and embrace your uniqueness. You are very very unique and that is an asset in the world. I am sorry you are surrounded by the shallow.

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