Dona Mwiria, one additional add. I tried an experiment. Nearly two weeks ago, I tried hard not to masterbate. It has been hard AF, but I noticed something along the way.

My raw sexual energy could be used as a source to get things I needed done. I am in a partnered relationship, and we are both super busy.

An ah-ha moment happened today, as I managed a farm full of animals, my job which requires 60–80 hours a week ( and I have been a remote worker and travelled as a business person for nearly 20 years so this year is exactly how I live and people are living how I live), and doing all the adult stuff. Managing a rebuild on our farm due to a tornado hit etc ….

So my cooking sucks, but today I was like meh I need a haircut (so while I was wearing a mask and the two woman cutting hair were not). So I needed to get groceries and I thought eat and cut and go.

While I watched these two women act like who cares about the disease I realized some women have given up too. I then realized it was selfish to desire that drink and food at a restaurant. I can just do it myself. So I shopped and got home and made a meal and between breakfast and dinner. It came out perfectly. I mean I was a road warrior, where I ate at places like Maggianos and Morton’s and other fantastic places.

Why? I realized I wanted to finish being a stronger masculine male.

This care represents also what it means when one has intimacy with another partner.

I have a very close friend who I confide in. She is a rock and man we connect so well. I chuckle with her that the best relationships are ones that men actively work with friends and partners to help reverse the orgasm inequality by like 3:1.

She like you said wow I never thought of it and then I saw her wheels turning and my what fun.

I equate women’s sexuality and empowerment to a glass bowl of liquid. To be fully satisfied the woman needs her feminity desires stirred with self love on a regular basis to get the liquid moving. Contentment and full OMG orgasms is when you can see the bottom of the bowl.

Guess what that takes time, energy, and effort. Men on the other hand are like the spark or stick. Very pleasurable, and can be self sustaining for themselves, but it can lose intensity with every relight. Enter in their feminine counterpart, stick to water let’s go.

The thing is that liquid is gasoline. So if one takes really good care gets it stirred and with help the spark happens. A great big fun explosion occurs. I mean hello.

What we find then is women being that extra source can allow a hot flame to last very long, and guys orgasms become super intense and women with the stirring. Yeah you know the rest.

The problem is shaming and fear keep us apart and lead to bad intimacy. It is getting worse. Like you have seen, and it is because society for decades while improving for women as it should, have abandoned men completely. Now we see with marriage rates falling and teenage birth rates too this phenomena will probably continue.

The thing is sapphic love is amazing and great, but biologically ends up caving the reproductive system in the animal world. Mother nature knows what she is doing, and anyone with a logical brain and clue should see that this won’t end well.

Now why does this happen ( sapphic love?). Biology is working extra hard to try to get the male gender to pay attention and want to play. Safety in numbers for women since two can over power one. It also allows forced training of makes to do sex better. The problem is their is a mental cost to the female side.

It is sad on many levels, that the spark and creation of life and energy now, are literally being regulated by a piece of glass between men and women. People are making money off of this pain, and both women and men are being made numb and empty.

But freedom comes when letting go. Once you do that and I am a high libido guy, the sky is the limit.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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