Dude is more than missing the point, the clue train from the reality station left the building.

I have a friend who had zero confidence in herself and her body (she is not petite per society standards) … be in this position. We were both two very wounded souls who connected.

Over the span of 6 months we shared and talked and supported one another. She ended up divorcing her abusive husband. She got her children (really young adults) to move out and stop sucking down on her soul.

She became free sexually which she had in her the entire time, and I am super proud of her. We had to curtail this because the whole situation started to trend into the emotional cheating areas (micro cheating a lot).

Her comment was you so need to be in my bed because I will show you what a real women with real love and an all-in approach can help you achieve what you need to.

I have zero doubt about it, but I made my comment to my current partner and she is about monogamy and loyalty.

Your views, your writing, your comments remind me of her soo much. She told me about one of her lovers saying his favorite thing about her was her mouth and small “kitty”. She was very proud and happy and confident as I was for her.

I told her …. I am super happy for you on that, but you know what my favorite things about you is? Your heart. You are all-in and giving and loving.

It took her time to respond back (not out of awkardness because we trust each other). She told me in return (spaced out over several comments) my favorite thing about is your soul and it makes me mad that you don’t have someone that appreciates it like she should.

I chuckle … I don’t do shallow, and a woman with the richness and depth like you (and of course several others that I have shared extensive comments with) is no fucking way can 90% plus of the men come even close.

If a woman is an ocean, most of these men (or boys really) are little dinghy’s, small sports boats or fishing trawlers at best in your ocean. You need a man that is an aircraft carrier to be able to even somewhat stand a chance to the raw power of your sexuality …..

hashtag must be this emotionally IQ “high” to ride this glorious full figured train of epically raw sexuality …. Meaghan ….

Be well and thanks again for showing the raw power of when the women harnesses the male sexual flame within them … 100% ….

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