Dude this is so much work (is something I can hear some guys saying).

My view and a very poor analogy of this is. Think of a video game, or repairing a car.

Do you not take the time to master all the options and methods and processes to be the most excellent.

See I am really good at my job, why? I practice practice practice. I read, I think, I learn, I adapt.

So I know if my current relationship ends and I move on to the next.

I use my words, my intent, my drive to look, listen, and to try to make sure I understand the person in front of me.

Don't get me wrong, if the packaging is a natural beauty, it actually makes it harder. I have to fight base urges in a way that I can't describe, so I am not a pushover.

Then if the dance happens, and it is a beautiful and wonderful experience.

I want to be able to see her flipping her hair. I want to see my words and actions prior to the first contact sparkley. If this is happening for the first time, you have to take the leap. Be assertive, be vulnerable, leave your masks and armor at home.

Realize you will get rejected, and it will hurt, but like on a wrestling mat when you are gasping for air and have been taken down. Make note of what you failed with and work on it.

Select better, listen better, talk better. Hell, before you go into the fray. Do things in your life that make you interesting.

So when the night comes down and the bar is shutting down. You look at her and tilt your head,

May I walk you home or to your cab/uber/lyft?

May I have your number or here is mine I am really interested

May I touch your hair and face?

May I kiss you?

Would a hug be appropriate?

IF you need motiviation? How intelligent you are. How much sympathy and empathy you have comes out with the words.

In todays world ... there is a new one.

May I help put that mask on you?

When done and you are close, may I kiss you through the mask because I feel a spark do you?

Rinse, wash repeat.

From the undressing of one another, down to the sexual engagement.

Watch for signals, being assertive means showing her your desire, and with some women signalling back saying yes, I want your desire I consent to your kiss, I consent to you grabbing me and taking my manhood.

I consent to being with you.

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