Each gender hosts a set of toxic traits and cultures within it that is unique to each.

Women have the ability to weaponize patriarchal situations from unique positions of powers by embracing the "jerk" and victim status, which can be both aggressive and emasculating to men, and by not being a solid supporter of their own gender.

This is not about silent submission or complicient behavior, this is about the opposite. Until the tag phrase "Karens" or the CostCo Karen routines came out there was never a pop culture reference to go with the pop culture psychology term.

In other places and times, I have stated what is wrong with the phrase toxic masculinity. It really should have been stated toxic culture of masculinity, disassociating the word toxic from being generalized across a whole gender. Now, society and culture has the ability through words to understand that the same rule applies if we swap genders.

You are correct, a jerk is a jerk and it trasnscends gender; however, we also remember gender constructs are heavily threaded through our society and play on peoples id's, ego's and conscious daily.

You are right a generalized phrase does exacerbate the issue, but on the flip side it is talking to issues that are in our society with using words and not fists.

So the question becomes is it a conversation or ender? By answering that question you can see how all-in a person is on fixing the issues in our society.

For me it is a conversation starter to try to help work through issues and try to get the jerks put back in the corner and reeducated through time and space, and for those that are victims (true) of it to be healed and heard.

The issue with using a name is now any time you see a white woman that is named Karen, they are that person because the actions of another Karen represents her and has stolen her consent in a focused way.

What is ironic is the generation that represents the "Karens" if the person was smart enough to know the generations, would have known that the name should have be "Jennifer" to reference the popular name of the generation, or use the Gen X pop culture name of "Heathers", which was a movie about mean girls (which can be considered a parallel reference to the phrase I used before).

As for me personally, the use of the phrase has to be selective, and this is why I labeled IMO and with respect in the response, because I try to be specific with labeling when I have to use them.

Be well

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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