Alan Tegel
1 min readAug 7, 2020


Easy Peasy, someone says this.

"Bye, Bye"

But they will say.

"Bye! Bye!"

Keep mansplaining or slut/whore shaming.

"Leave me the FUCK alone and project your obvious frigidity elsewhere"

If one partner has to look for sustenance for their soul elsewhere it is because their partner has let them down (period).

They of course will get aggressive. It is points like this (presuming I finish healing and am free and liberated and unencumbered).

I would flash in, and look at the other person and say.

You aren't man enough to even try this (pointing at you). [if a man]

[if a woman]

From your words and actions, you would be a selfish and lazy fuck, you aren't worth my time. Leave you toxic femininity costco karen troll ...

Just know her toes will be curling, she will be howling, and it will go all night. While you look at the moon and ask why.

GTFOH ..... :)

Be well Yael ...



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