ENFP-T .... and it makes a lot of sense, but I don't base my life based upon tests 100%. I learn that there are states where you flip flop in areas based up on the stressors in the environment, the people you interact with, and even the state when you find your opposite personality partner.

This is when it is the most interesting. Why?

IMO, it is that moment when the key meets the lock and vice versa that this open connection allows the other person's strengths to flow into you and you can exchanges states albeit temporarily.

If a person goes "huh", then one might start to think about CIS-Het dating, where in the beginning the man uses (or badly attempts) to use his more feminine qualities and skills to entice and talk to a perspective partner, the woman will become more assertive and confident in return. It does not happen this way all the time as one may have an alpha style women with a non-alpha style man.

But as you call out, with millions of possibilities multiple by millions of gender and identity differences multiplied by millions of possibilities of education and societal training.

16 doesn't even come close. As your profile is an engineer ...

The precision of 1.6E1 to 1E6 cubed (err 1E18) leads to something akin to theta 2N .....

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