Equality means reciprocal action also, after a few dates, you should feel confident to ask him out and foot the bill to show you are independent and desire him for his masculinity and time and energy.

It should also lead to discussions about interpersonal action within relationships and expectations and standards.

Sexual preferences and expectations are unique and choice driven, and no one should every have anything to explain, but with every action and expectation comes a hidden cost.

Women are definitely free to make these choices, but also they should realize that are not entitled to men's desire, love, and trust either. Just like men are not entitled to a whole host of things women hold dear to their hearts, minds, and soul.

Folks should up their game definitely, but most importantly realize real and good relationships that last and have value with some depth are never about conquering another. They are about being partner's to one another, appreciating boundaries, respecting one another when things go poorly and breaking off, and showing common human decency and respect.

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