Even with my past, I desire this. Why? I want to feel what women feel when they orgasm, I am so jealous to see the legs shake, the body shakes and the statement I have been told before. I love the full feeling. So thanks for the facts that I now fall into the 1 in 4 category.

I want my partner badly (though no shame if she can't, wont' or whatever her body you know) to orgasm hard while doing it. I want her to feel the rush of power I do as a man as I grab the ankles or shoulders or spoon as I push it all with power. Equality can be helluva a lot of fun coolness, and to me this is exactly the point of equality.

As I have I always been bigger in size in stature (I have a 48" chest, a really thick ass that even my vanilla partner loves to smack with a spatula in the morning when I walk by. So the knowledge that my smaller partner with less stress is the "boss lady" in the house, if that doesn't send a surge in a man. I suggest that the guy better check what is wrong in the relationship.

So if men can be ass guys, I know women can too, so to think about my partner grabbing it all and grinding in and "orgasming" when she bottoms in ... yummy

Now once the bridge is passed, then the real fun begins, because you know what I would tell my partner lets have a contest, lets see who wins the Size Queen/King game. So see, take what some might say go eww, and immediately it becomes the competition of the household. #snicker. God help the woman (joking of course) if the man takes the title, she will have to turn her woman card in #snickerAgain.

Then to hear a running joke I used to say when I used to smoke with a special brand of cigarettes (Nat Sherman I quit over 5 years ago cold turkey) with mint in the tip. I would whisper or say .. shhh baby it is ok I am going to put the tip in ....

It always got a laugh at the bars (I did this in jest and fun), but now with this I think *I* would get the shiver.

So in retrospect with all the jest, why I work hard on "me" and for guys to step back and think about. When folks get shamed over consensual sex act and use gross labeling, we shut down our masculinity and humanity and people turn simple, black and white, and infinite less "interesting".

It would be kind of funny in a world where people stopped the shaming. Imagine the women talking it up with friends, tonight is the night where I share who really is the boss lady with the Hankey :)

Great article from the past again, but remember I read up a lot on this. (duh right) ... Lots of Lube, and if you need a good educator on this Ruby Rider is one of the best sex positive educators out there on this topic.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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