Exactly. As I have shared, I am a natural switch, and all good relationships have "balance". That being said if my partner lets me truly open up without shame or blame or whatever and lets me be liberated (boom).

The thing is that doesn't mean a man doesn't go without "touch" either. After she is done, it maybe time to tease the him and rev'em up and say this is your real "man-up" training my love, with a feminine point of view.

If he really really loves you as a person ,and is truly a man ... he fights that urge and holds back just that extra day for her.

Then she can enjoy man's tears .... and not from the eye ;-). It is even better if it is setup around a woman's natural cycle to fully unleash himself at both primal endpoints ...

As for balance, once a natural freedom occurs (my view), this is where the liberated woman with a loving and sacred and mindful masculine man realizes her body needs set free to enjoy the fruits of life. The only redline that exists is that it has to be done in the open, honestly, communicated daily, and the only thing that should show "loyalty" as people define it now is between the hearts of the two in love.

Does that mean a man can't be liberated too? Sure and in the couples dance .... one might say women get the 31 days and men get the rest of who comes first :). If the man plans it right he comes "at the same time" as her so everyone wins.


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