Exactly, freedom of choice is that, equal between the genders; however, folks will then realize specific choices and expectations come with hidden consequences and costs.

For some guys, having a level playing feel "hurts", and that is what women have stated for decades. Realize if one wishes to conform to the take or be taken, and the 50 shades of hypergamy, then realize if there is poor intent , limited consent, and high expectations, then don't be surprised at how low quality the relationship is.

If a woman prefers a guy with man-bun and who is a metrosexual game on, if she prefers Don Draper game-on.

The only catch is that both enthusiastically consent to each other.

So IMO feminism is about the actual hypergamy methods, it is about the equal access to being able to execute it if one so desires.

The thing is though given the importance of desiring higher quality masculinity in biological men, folks choices are critical during times like this because the fear and uncertainty can bread tremendous pain and loss within men. While women have had it far worse over the centuries, flipping the script and having it executed with the same end effect really notches up hypocrisy.

We are at an apex point for this because without good working interrelationships between the genders, not having enough families and a "Children of Men" situation could occur.

Now will this happen in the next two generations? No, but that doesn't mean that folks will be deeply desiring intimacy, and then sadly only the truly rich will have families and relationships which is the worst kind of relationship one can have.

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