Exactly. I am not in poly relationship, but I know if I were or a future partner was interested in it there would have to be lots of talking.

My running joke is intimacy relationships are like factorial numbers in the amount of energy and care required.

2! = 2x the energy to maintain 1 relationship

3! = 6x the energy to maintain the 3 relationships

4! = 24x the energy ....

(for those not math based)

Lots of energy and communication and consent is required, but where there is risk, there is great reward.

Also great care has to be had since we are dealing with a lot of hearts and minds and souls at play.

So if a person struggles to maintain a single relationship, one should think twice about jumping in (even if you are the unicorn ...)

As for me personally, I would not have an issue with a future partner. What I would ask is in the process that they help me out and break through the demisexual tendencies I have to be able to be free like I used to be. I would also be fine being a stag until that transformation happened too.

Fantastic and you are a wonderful and amazing person!

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