Meaghan Ward exactly. I had a woman friend that only dated the men from my colleges "men of X". She literally nailed every one.

I was her close friend and at the time (the 90s ... 90210 watch party time), I was invited in the circle of women as a friend. None of her friends came on to me because I believe she told them don't touch (ha)

Fast forward 4 years later and we lost touch (life happens). I was with a friend at a bar who was meeting his future employer for drinks. He invited me along. She was there. The studs were all around and they were hot AF. I state this because my friend and his employer were making comments about how they wished they looked like those guys.

I said wait a second I know her, they made a comment and said yeah Right Tegel. I got up and walked a few steps into the open area that would be the dance floor at night. She saw me and ran and leaped into the air and I caught her.

She came over to the not as attractive "guys" and me (I wasn't bad looking mind you :) ) and we talked and went on our ways.

We talked to the three of us, and I actually had mad skills in technology, and the next week I had an offer letter from the company to work for them.

My friend told me, to have that solid of a reputation and integrity, and communication with skills is rare. In business, it is all about relationships and the ability to be all-in, trusted, and there.

Looks fade, are good for one-offs, but you know what ... they never last.

I forgot all about that memory until I read this, and now I have a smile on my face.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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