Exactly, I laughed all the time especially at work. My boss stated due the higher ups don't like this as it makes you look like you aren't taking it serious.

Fast forward a few years, I do the work that a team of 5 did, figured out a massive coring issue, provide solutions 'and' get it fixed several years later.

I provided the solutions, they ignored me. So guess what mofo's I laugh. Why? Because you obviously don't see I am the Jedi in the room of leadership run storm troopers.

To see folks so hyperfocused on the little things but realize they built a stick and cloth house on a beach at low tide but they built it "well" makes me laugh.

So yeah, I laugh a lot, and use dark comedy. I don't do it now, because people totally lack depth of character, real experience, and every first world problem is elevated to third world life and death.

You can't read and ask questions, I knock and say hello no one is home.

So I see people and laught at them sometimes (in my head), and say

Wow you are such and open book with so many blank pages and with words only they stupid can understand.

They look and say huh.

I say you are the instructional manual for stupid people.


Read this and it will make you go.

One of the greatest comedies on TV IMO during great social strife was "All in the Family" with Archie Bunker. Look at what humor provided.

Compare it to now where people well just aren't funny. If they aren't funny they aren't sexy. If they aren't sexy it is a sign they truly need to self love and beat down the trauma demon.

Or they treat it like a comprised system, wipe it clean and install fresh and new and start over again.

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