Exactly, if a woman desires to have hair but make it less messy, then a shaver with plastic protection from the snipping blades is all that is needed.

Outside of that you betcha, there is nothing better then running your fingers through the hair and tugging softly and consensually of course.

The other benefit is less hassle for the woman who now if she wants to go down there well it is for fun times. (Well unless you are a masochist then ... bring on the wax baby!)

If a man cares that much, then guess what. The woman should lay back and require him to deal with this in the least painful way possible (unless she likes a little ouchy). So that means lots of oil, and rubs and daily shaves to keep it smooth, while she just lays back and relaxes. While he is at it ... he can shave the legs too.

On the other side ... mother nature makes it probably to help "clean" the penis off before it goes in .... you know ... got wipe out the dick dirt ... (eww I know).

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