Exactly. It is good to see this forbidden topic is being raised, because I can imaging how much better a life I could have had if any of this stuff was available in the 1990s.

To quote an ex-girlfriend after an ED response due to being raped a week earlier ...

You must be gay.

You must have asked for it.

Look at you and how big you are, there is no way you could have been raped.

I was passed out drunk and stoned and came to it.

My coping mechanism initially was self-deprecating humor in which I joked and said when seeing blood in my underwear and down my leg ... Look I had my first period.

Then I went hyper alpha toxic guy bedding as many women as I could to prove I wasn't gay, and that I was manly.

I woke up in 2015 and did therapy and did #metoo and then healed, but it still hasn't fully repaired the massive damage within me from the bottling up of the hot mess.

I have had in social media when I attempted to verbalize responses to hot social topic in sharing how I had communication issues, stop using victim hood as an excuse.

I realized at that point there were quite a few women that were chauvinists, since it bothered them my story and history effected their message. I always wanted to say it isn't an or "or" but situation but an "and" ... but whatever ...

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