Exactly. So beware how one acts in the fight the rest of the year. Those actions will determine the next decade whether the conservative and Republicans that is needed to pull out of our Great Recession 2.0.

Will take a knee.

Doing this with the apathetic will freeze America, and companies will outsource and pull out because frankly America is not a great productivity place and we can't make stuff the world wants any more.

Ok we do ... Oil + Food + airplanes

how well is that going to do and does that not sound like a central or south american country?

Don't believe me ... Venezuela ran out of toilet paper, did that happen here?

Look at Lebanon where political issues became a sport and boom.

We are at the cusp of a great cliff with momentum pulling us all over. It will take both GOP and DNC tribes to prevent us going over because 50% + 1 more desire to just tik tok and do nothing but say whatever. Doing nothing or going alone because one belief setup and perspective view is superior to another will kill us all.

So I understand the tensions people will have about the Pense vs Kamala arguments, but if you win there will be a temper tantrum blowback "and" you know post election Trump is still in power and we know how well he processes divorces ...

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