Exactly. The problem is there are so few mentally mature people who don't throw a temper tantrum or meme it up to the levels of insanity it is sad.

E.g. I saw an individual in Traumabook who said GOP members are similar to priests and then showed a child the age of 8 in front of priests call it the Bachelor.

Seriously ... how does a society meme up child sexual assault and all of that and expect conversations to be had?

You don't.

Folks need to get therapy and get to a place since with gridlock, which will happen. Nothing will change until Jan 2023.

Zero. Remember ACA? Any bill that comes from Congress will get denied and just sit there.

I have worked in highly dysfunctional teams.

One of the things I have done was do a project where both will want to achieve things. Make folks work together and make it happen. Then I add the next thing that is a bit more difficult until folks realize the other side and person/group is not the enemy.

Find the commonality and grow. Sideline the contrarians ...

Now I was not always successful, one project I fought 6 guys who refused to play well together.

In the end, I did the project all by myself. I told the PMs to tell the guys to fly home and log out of the systems by noon on Friday, and we would meet up on Monday at Noon.

I did the whole project with two all-nighters.

Four of the guys were no longer employed at 12:01.

Sadly, we don't do this in our society, and nor should we.

The problem is "any" incumbent who has double-digits in the halls of power. They are the issue.

So my sad ass projections in 2012, with a move in 2015, and what I saw is all happening sadly.

Texas is the only safe state in the Republic. Why? Because of a real and core identity.

America does not have an identity, so it is like feeding children cookies and kool-aid and wondering why they run around like crazy on a soccer (european football) field.

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