Fantastic article that people should take the time to think and process their emotions with.

The hardest part for me in this article while I have animals … I don’t have kids, and probably never will so that experience I will never feel.

It is a hole amongst the black holes in there.

The blessing if one can call it that is I don’t have to live through the loss of a child (though experiencing a partner aborting my child in my early days still hurts to this day).

The other angle I can see is the horror mother’s must feel when they know their son is going to go into the meat grinder of men as personified by the Lord of the flies. For all that we have advanced, that will still be there since we literally have 40–50 years of lost boys out there that the Patriarchy has spit out and drained.

Prior to the work an article like this would have caused great stress and took a lot of energy to process, but now not so much.

So my view is you are pro-men and anti-manchild ….

I do really fear post election political roles flip we are going to see an explosion of hate. I so very much hope I am wrong … I don’t want to be right.

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