Fantastic piece and it would be a very good one for both genders as it will bust down the myths that are there.

Guys would feel desired which would be huge since the touch deficit is pretty large. Gals would gain confidence which increases sexiness by taking charge in a way that makes them feel safe.

Then on the flip side like you called out, both can see the pain of rejection from another light.

I would bet dollars to donuts in longer term committed relationships (hetero) where dead bedrooms happen, that a larger chunk of where he has the headache or the desire is gone would be shown at equal rates (and maybe even higher) since men don't have good coping skills for stress and life.

I believe 2020's life events will accelerate this on many front in many relationships. It is an opportunity though for people to become stronger and better human beings.

As long as they listen and live and love with empathy and sympathy.