Fear Factor god how I turned the channel fast when I saw that level of stupidity.

I have a horse farm and we use ivermectin to kill worms and other things not viruses. To protect from nasty bacteria and viruses we use vaccines!!


I just shake my head when I get my epipens for my immunotherapy which BTW was found to actually have antiviral properties against COVID. Should everyone take it? Um no.

But epipens for $400 versus a bottle for horses at 10 or so. The reason? Because people are not smart enough to administer it, so they had to stupify the delivery system and give congressional kisses to drive up the cost.

I just can't with people. Does it make me a snob? Probably, but you know what I research and talk to experts. Unlike those that talk failed infotainment experts on a medium that was relevant circa 1930s.

Darwin. My empathetic and sympathetic filters run full speed, with these folks because frankly vaccinated people should not wear masks so as to speed up the Darwin process, but I love humans so my mouth remains muted IRL just like the followers of Rogan ...

Goodie a Cult acting culty. SMH

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