Folks misconstrue the economic implications, because they have no frame of reference.

In California, the top tax rate will be 16% soon. Stop and think about that, if the DNC comes to power, and reverts the tax code.

55.6% of a persons pay at >$100K will disappear. Add in Social Security 62.4%. If you live in a blue state, you also have 10% sales tax.

So spend $100 at a dinner, which will be easy to do in these areas, you will have to earn close to $300.

Bye-Bye middle class and small businesses.

I won't talk to the health care costs that feed in as an invisible tax. For some it is 6-10% of pay. So that top tier people dream (>$100K) will turn into 18 cents on the dollar.

With that frame in mind, guess what will happen to those states?

People will run like hell.

My basis for this is Cleveland Ohio. It went from powerhouse ready to take over NYC for finances and manufacturing by the end of the 1960s.

It just took 30 years to do this, and for these areas, it will take 20 ... 2008 was the start of that clock.

What will then happen is the politicians will double down on the identity politics to try to distract that there is no real reason to work hard because you don't get anything from it.

When that happens, the whole system collapses like a house of cards on a beach.

Remember prior to covid we were burning $900 billion a year for 2 decades, now it will go higher. We are printing money like a South American country. Don't believe me?

Ask why we had to have Mexican Toilet Paper on our grocery shelfes? Also why do we export our best ag products and import lower quality ones for people to eat?

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