For guys, imagine receiving dick picks on your messages and email daily by gay men, and you are heterosexual or a bi/pan with no desire for that level of intimacy.

E.g. In the last year I had a close friend sit there while on a lengthy video chat to catch up pull his cock out and starts stroking it. I ended up moving my screen down to make it not be seen.

I then finished the call, and sent him a lengthy email about the inappropriateness and I was not comfortable having a video chat. We talked video later he apologized and I could see that he adjusted his screen, but it was obviously later what he was doing.

I ghosted him since that time. I may open up dialogue later for a three-strike version, since we have had a very long friendship. I understand his position being lonely and a variety of other things but boundaries are critical. Once crossed it takes time, patience, love, empathy, and sympathy to cross that divide again. In my situation we are talking about decade plus so he has some trust banked that he burnt.

If you are an unknown person .. forget about it. You are DOA ...

As for technology, it can be done. The problem is the $$$ and no platform provider or carrier to handle it properly. I work for a company where we provide some of these services and it has been used to capture pedophiles. The issue on social media based platforms, folks are the product (i.e. the rule of thumb is if you don't pay for a service you are not the customer you are the product).

As for mobile devices and messaging more can be done, but it comes down to $$$ and the margins are thin to provide this service (I know it sounds like an excuse but it is real).

E.g. I am working on a project which does the scanning of all videos, and the horsepower is mind boggling. I can't share the details (NDA fun), but trust me when someone like me is pulled in ... it is a big thing. (for those that don't know me ... I work on systems with 50-100 million subscribers in a single silo, and model and test big things.

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