For some guys (myself included), I can only have one person in my heart. The only caveats I could see with another for my personal acts of intimacy that my partner has zero desire for and for those that they may have no interest or she wishes for me to have a shared experience with her (E.g. say a man had a desire for severe corporal punishment and the partner can’t cause or desire to cause pain).

I also understand the raw energy and having to satiate the beast within. I want my female partner to feed the beast and live with it to it’s fullest if she is.

So yes … as a guy I would take great joy in knowing my partner is being fully satisfied every day and in every way and she can also know that the only thing of interest to me is her honesty and that I have her Love. She is one with my heart and when she is with another I know she is still with me even when her eyes rollback and body shivers at the touch of another.

The question is whether she is woman enough to feel no shame, to keep her honesty and openness, when she comes home, takes off her clothes, and lays with me in my arms as we cuddle.

I have said this to my partner, and it disgusted and appalled her. I have also known thristy woman that were friends and they said the same thing (there were obviously very conservative and traditional). [Note: It is also interesting to note that a lot of them complained about men not being there or not having the staying power they desired …]

If there is another woman in our bed it is because my partner has sapphic desires. Does it mean I don’t find other women (CIS or trans) not highly desirable nor do I want to have sex with them? Hell no. I am a man with a very hot and charged beast in me. I also expect in return when I lose control and my walls come down my partner helps me satisfy my urges fully in return.

So women like you are (And I believe many more) are absolute perfection … during times like these …. where the need to feel more is there … toys would be used ….

Now as an added fun twist for you (since you have shared) …. I do believe the cost for stepping out with be a spanking at the hardness rate of the pleasure you received …. god help you if you want on a ladies only vacation for a week or two …

Your writing and mind and soul and sexuality is a gift from God. Embrace it, love it, enjoy it … and use it and use it often.

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