Freedom of speech is not free of consequences. We get to see this daily.

I have seen that tweet, and I would have to say what would happen if we swapped genders and stated some traditional gender assumptions imagine the outpouring?

I will state I have tried to build conversation and communication and I have seen the worst of the worst in passive aggresive discussion. My favorite was a self described Social Justice Warrior who claimed to be jewish but atheiest, was here to uplift BIPOC but literally alienated any attempts by those in her class and station, and spent a decade plus traveling and being a nomad to now going back to school in their 30s. This person if conservative was the pure definition of a Chad/Karen but ... well you know.

As such Social Media is effectively the primary means of communicaiton especially in times of COVID, and is no better then group therapy without a therapist controlling the conversation.

So the worst of the worst will be here, and now with no Trump, every persons actions now can be gauged for their insensitivity now and in the past four years.

So the best thing for people to do is get therapy, don't speak unless you have good intent and can handle a person's attempt at personalizing it back, and realize most people are horribly damaged and the best thing to do is walk away.

The problem is our country can't afford this now as we need to build solutions to fix our problems since we are broke and we have economic enemies at our door.

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