Freedom of speech never means freedom from consequences. Words are weapons (i.e. the pen is mighter then the sword) so people should treat it the same weather in an online community versus a physical one.

As for boys under the age of 18, heavy counseling should be in effect along with supervised observation for parenting. The same should apply for girls who work in a fashion where they follow a “mean girl” path.

Boys should be always taught to use words first and not respond with fists, and then their anger and emotional controls should be helped and shaped into something useful. The problem though is given our societies lack of social education and training and help for men, we have two full generations of men who unless they actively fix themselves fall into a hyper real and good men and highly toxic variety with very little in the middle. Think of an inverse bell curve in personalities, where as women who have had community and tools all surrounded by having an “enemy” represent a normal bell curve with very few at the extremes.

I have spent thousands of hours reading up on trauma, personal growth, feminism over the past two plus years to undo decades of neglect, and I am light years ahead of where I was, I also know I am light years behind where I want to be and I know because of hard core denial (self preservation mode) I will never be the fully evolved human (though it is not all my fault) that I wanted to be with family, kids and full milestones in life. But Cest la vie. At least now I can say Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity no longer trigger me :-)

That personal share is a guide post since I know a lot of guys live in denial and women and society gets to deal with it. Sadly, from my experience I have a sneaking suspicion as women evolve to the next level a lot of them when they desire the milestones of partnership and family will have table scraps of masculinity and partnership available to them and that is sad.

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