From my trauma, it doesn’t destroy you like are dead and gone, but it can destroy the dials that are your gender and sexuality completely.

My belief is a person is preset with a version of maleness/femaleness and desire to mate based upon homosexual to pure heterosexual with the middle points being bisexual and asexaul being the middle for gender.

Rape from a male perspective rips out the sexuality if your are heterosexual because obviously “you asked for it”, and then from a gender perspective it makes you realize you weren’t traditionally “male” enough ergo you musts be the opposite of male (female).

Since on average women have been assaulted far more at a higher number they have built systems to try to help one another when kicked down (on average). Men haven’t had that support ever and only recently has it been started to be worked on and with due to society realizing it happens on both sides of the gender house.

So destroy maybe not … but pervert and reset in a negative fashion definitely. I was a big muscular and imposing guy who was passed out from drink and drugs when my shit happened. It sat in me with no therapy and no talking for 20+ years, and when my ex-girlfriend at the time a week after called me gay for having problems “getting it up” after the event and then I shared with her what happened …. her response screwed me for decades … well you asked for it since look at you.

She majored in woman’s studies and was a feminist …. I now realize that shitty people can be found in both genders … don’t assume or judge based on the cover of the person … or their identity but on their action.

I recovered only because I had health issues had to go to a male doctor (no choice) and had to get therapy so I could be touched by a male doctor. If it wasn’t from one of the closest female friends I knew before my event reconnecting and me being able to trust her (and she oddly was a feminist) and breaking down 100% …. I would be screwed … but now I am healthy and happy and whole.

Destroy no … damage and pervert and screw up definitely.

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