From my vantage point, what makes this poem special to me is the fact that I am incorporating the raw passions I have and transforming ones that might scare others or overpower them (the light is so bright, it makes one who can’t see) or dark ones and merges them into something good and pleasant. All the while saying yeah, I have these strong dualities in me that make me unique but damaged but awesome.

One can’t kill the dark as it is required to balance the light, but one can focus it in a way that makes laughter, makes people think, and makes people feel safe and loved. It also is to shows that one does not have to be boring to be good either.

As for coffee, I am not the greatest cook but I am good at preparing coffee. We had a person stay with us (crash) from Australia who partnered with a horse. I stated I will make coffee just tell me how you like it. She held back, and I wasn’t sure why. So she stated some suggestions, but was very introverted when she was actually an extroverted person. So I made her a traditional half-white coffee like one might have in Europe.

Her look on her face, which I am glad my partner didn’t see was 1/2 orgasmic. She saw me “see” and blushed and started to talk really fast :)

I chuckled, and said … well you know us Texans we love it big and bold!

So for coffee, I can mix hazelnut, simple syrup, dark chocolate, or caramel. I only use raw sugar, and I only use cream or half-and-half to mix. I actually have been impressed with Starbuck’s creamers and their mixes. Not only for the pastuerization they have done to make it last but the infusion they have done with various flavors. So during this pandemic, one can go to a store and enjoy a nice mix with low effort if one desires.

But hopefully this poem tomorrow enables you to be triggered while the water flows into the canister of life. Like a dow npower into the gateways of bliss in your cup :)


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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