Generation Shaming .... So we live as a population minority who never had the power to define things and had our identity force fed to us by the greediest generation.

We lost any sense of family (latchkey kids personified by the garbage pail kids). Our generation has been stuck in so many conflicts and wars we truly never had peace. (think about Iraq War 1 through Kosovo to 9/11 and then everything beyond).

We had the financial implosion in the early 1990's the dot-com crashes, 9/11 finance mess, a Great Recession and Depression 2.0.

We fought for equality with our limited numbers and have been evolving things to the point Metoo happened with the help of Y/Z, and FFS .... our childhood heros Bill Cosby is in jail for the worst rape and abuse .... Weinstein too ....

We were out manned/personed, out gunned, and given the worst since the Great Generation and their parents dealt with (hell we now have the 1918 flu under our belt.

Yet we are a disappointment? Nope.

We are Jedi on the battlefield of life doing our best to survive.

One can not thrive when all one does is survive. The act of living and fighting for another day is the purest sign of success, and the fact that we spawned more Children ratio wise then the Boomers says volumes about us.

Now Gen X gets to clean up the mess ....

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