Great advice, and remember too ... most guys don't desire exotic Karens either :) #snicker

The thing for guys to understand is that both sides of the gender fun, has missing pieces in their soul and being.

The question is how to find those with the complimentary parts and knows how to communicate their needs openly and honestly. For it takes two people to line up the parts within each body and soul for the win.

some folks will say dude, what if their is no part? My statement is that is easy, that is what is called a relationship. One crafts the parts out of love and communication and then hands it over to the other to be plugged in.

For guys:

Empower her passions and dreams and goals

Help her Remove the chains of bondage

Ask her politely to help you remove your chains




Then you do the same for yourself (goals)

Then .... and only then can you have the intimacy and raw sexual passion of sex.

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