Great article. There are bad actors/actresses on both side of the gender pool. Women of course have taken the brunt of the gender war shit show for the longest of times.

That being said, boys trying to turn to men will always look at like minded gender masculine views to mimic. Without them and with a society that creates a confusing paradigm for masculinity, the most toxic of toxic will be mimic'd because it is the loudest.

Is it a woman's job to patrol masculinity? No. I don't think women desire this at all, but to be honest men are lost and have been so for the greatest while because we all relied on a patriarchal and traditional view to steer the individual ship. The problem with this ship was it was "laden ed" with Agent Orange and men were poisoned daily.

Now we have a lot of men confused, tired, unsure, and that is a ripe tinder for explosive mentalities since everyone breaks in our freedom for all western societal view.

What I like about this article is it is one of the few that states, hey give men space by not foisting the same expectations that men have done to women. Do a lot of men need expectations? You betcha, but the constant drumbeat since the 1980s is now back firing, just like the two dimensional shaming in politics in America has come to roost with COVID and vaccines.

Women should right about what standards they desire from their partners, and their hopes. However, if respect and civil engagement doesn't happen roast on. If it does one a woman who feels she can trust (ha I know) a man or conversation, should give some respect back in return since the road travelled as a man to get to that point due to the man box is a level of pain and anguish that women can empathically understand but can't.

But in the end it comes down to how human of a person one really is.

If a person assumes the worst of a certain identity based off of a few thousand engagements in a population of 330 million or more. One may have some great anecdotal examples, but statistically it is not substantial. That means one could be dancing the line of being a bigot or prejudice, which is road in which a person can become the exact enemy they are fighting.

Then one day an ah-ha moment happens, and a person wakes up and looks in the mirror and realizes the pain and suffering from the enemy is the person reflecting back in the mirror.

Then true pain and loss really starts to happen.

That feeling is what men are born with and deal with every day in "our society". That anger is the worst feeling a person can have, and quite a few men battle that beast every day. (so do women too)

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