Great article. My view is that the process and method of dating matter just as much as the actual work of it.

I have a friend who did the dance and was disgusted, and she decided to change it up. She broke out of her comfort zone and used a more fetish oriented site and picked things that were new and not offensive. She later found someone beyond amazing and is living the dream. She is a survivor, fierce, independent, and empowered strong feminist woman. You can see the love and anger and happiness and sadness in her eyes with things that happen in the world and when it comes to personal it is hyper positive.

The bar for the apps you wrote about are bar low for dating. People are attempting to elevate them to dating when in reality they are mating apps. Of course everyone desires and deserves respect and love, but the app is transactional. From a guy view, it is risk reduction method and the phrases and invites are not going to be black and white nor clear, concise, and direct as we all know relationships need to survive and to be able to thrive later

In short it sucks. The other thing that sucks is that women now have achieved the lower equality standard men have been used to do for decades, which is wrapped in rejection, loneliness, and a loss of hope.

Men compensate through adult entertainment and self pleasure in the extreme now, and given the past month I expect this pattern to increase not decrease.

I will double repeat it definitely sucks. Now we have extra heapings of indecisive men and women with walls, which doesn’t bode well for happiness or sex or happily every after of a second date or more.

My thoughts from reading this article, and I hope it helped and didn’t hurt, as I value and respect your writing and thoughts.

— Guy from the cheap seats

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