Great article and call outs. There are levels of subtleness that until men sit, think, contemplate and challenge, it won’t be understood. Only men that have directly dealt with trauma and areas where women deal with daily will it accelerate the learning.

Of course being a guy won’t be the same, and what women are asking for is a friend, space, and respect. Of course if people desire black and white, it will never happen as fear and anger and violence lives in a multitude of gray.

Life is richer when diverse and different work together to solve problems and move forward.

Solving this though is a man issue and takes action in areas of active listening, taking oause, and thinking first before speaking and acting.

If we get it right and women feel safe and independent and respected, that will be a great thing. However, with the breakdown and rebuild their views on male sexuality and interpersonal relationships in heterosexual context may never be the same. I say this with a light humor, but watch what you wish for may have a surprise twist and the fear that women feel maybe replaced by the dark pit of emptiness and disconnected feelings that a lot of guys feel and never talk about.

The point though is talking helps resolve that, but it is always there. Sexual intimacy with safety for a lot of guys turns into a cerberal experience which on average means less passion and less frequency. In mother nature’s cruel irony for quite a few women it increases passion and desire, and that will mean a uncomfortable conflict.

Great article.

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