Great Article and very specific and focused.

Wounded Masculinity is far better a term to get a conversation with men on the topics of masculinity by women or society, then toxic.

It took 4-5 sessions with a therapist to process and handle this as a guy who was broken down by society and yet kept strong stoic shields.

When it popped up again, you should have seen the toxicity of some people "some" women who was like phtt get over it.

All I could do was shake my head, because they acted exactly like a toxic masculinity based man.

If they had asked, I would have told them "um" I spent over $1000 on therapy on this exact topic and I am a "man" who knows masculinity as CIS-man. You have a son and you think that "qualifies" you to understand this?


But Bravo on this article, it is probably one of the better talked to articles on this and as a man amongst men, it is something I could use with you as an ally (not advocate) in driving this home with other guys.

The real issue is this.

Men need to be leading this conversation and running with it in articles. It needs to be 95-98 articles men based to 1-2 women based, and sadly now ... how many articles do you see with that male ratio?

E.g. I saw a retweet with a woman who stated Trump is elected she is getting a divorce. As I dug through the responses some even dripped in misandry and hate labeling.

I stated. If he refuses to talk to you openly and honestly about this, this is what the therapy should cover and is the main reason for a divorce.

Why this share? Men in our society have shut down, and the more the conversation is led by women and society the further they shutdown and the silence becomes toxic.

Women have Ph.d in gender, men on average have a5th grade level. So some conversations have to be very very basic.

Assuming a man will open up without the context and trust, is pretty much a conversation that will die on the vine.

The hard part is we all lose. Women of Gen X/Y/Z will achieve some pretty fantastic things. The sad part is though, without balance and partnership we will never achieve the true greatness we can become when we meet our equal partners and make a 1+1=3 situation.

Then we all get super thirsty and super sad and super mad. Then we see the rise of what we see in our society. The monetization of intimacy and debasement of each other to simple labels and stereotypes that leads to even more hurt and pain.

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