Great article. One comment Weimar started for most of the country in the early 2000s.

This is exactly why a cult of personality took over. What was the DNC response?

A Health care tax named ACA and shaming with wedding cake. No joke.

What happened to Germany when reparations were executed post WW I? Well, blue and urban did it to red and rural in America. Now gee what would one expect?

You are absolutely correct I warned people and friends this day was coming, and I would say it is here.

Google for pictures of SFO financial markets it will chill you at how end of the world it looks. 96% increase in availability for houses and place and a 5% drop year over year.

Your economics sense is super smart. I have observed this and learned from this once in my life

Look at Cleveland Ohio, and her economics and what happened. This is the trajectory path for America and the blue and urban. People will say fucking GOP. It was a city run into the ground by the DNC. You ready for the ironic part … Kasich was around for that hot mess and look who spoke to the DNC.

I marked 8/22 as the day the economic blight 🐎 man started hai ride. Look for NY post article showing people in food lines in NYC 1/4 mile long …. Ironically I remet.the date well because in 2008 we were Ina Great Recession.

So others will pay Obama on the back for a great recovery, I groan on that. All that was done was for every 1% drop in UE1 the labor participation rate dropped the same.

He had no recovery, and jobs created were filler service jobs with no real tax collection benefit and slave labor type …

A joke.

Good article man

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