Great piece. My advice always is be clear, be concise, and be direct.

If he really is interested in you, you don’t have to give up a platonic friendship with him ….

You can say … wow thanks for wanting to be my friend, but I don’t feel or have the same attraction to you as you do me.

That being said, if you want to be my platonic friend, I am more than happy to be and see where it goes.

The key thing is to be upfront immediately with it. Women shouldn’t fear men and men should understand how to manage rejection and intersex friendships without sex.

Look at Meredith Gray and her male platonic friends in Grey’s anatomy.

Men daily have to tell themselves no. There are zero tolerance aspects to life now which society and women are saying not going there (And they shouldn’t), but the end result is without the ability to grow and mature and make mistakes without being fatal …. Men are fucked.

Then what happens is the “tube” porn sights come into play along with other things like video games, and they whisper into their ears what kind of sex and friendship and intimacy is with women ….. and they are drawn in and educated in silence.

Then 10 years plus down the road when a segment of the female population desires milestones for relationships, families and children (i.e. when the urges mimic 1/2 of what men felt at the age of 10), they look around and find out that the men around them have had 10,20,30 years of porn and other things whispering sweet nothings in their ears ….

then the divide becomes permanent.

You do you … as a solid human being “never” do anything you don’t want to nor feel uncomfortable. But also understand that by setting hard boundaries, they boundaries men will setup in return will be just as hard ….

Be well and great article/share!

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