Great points on this topic. It will be interesting to collect data on this, since with COVID businesses will make decisions on whether to go forward or shutdown.

Now is the time to make that change, but people should not bemoan if the UE goes up as it shows how horribly broken our systems are.

Do make note if the DNC gets their way labor costs and taxes will go up, which will mean business will make the decision whether or not to open up as increased demand may not be enough to warrant it.

I have seen this happen in business where the profit margins were not enough to start or maintain business. I also expect a lot of self service options now, so folks may truly be earning their $15/hr view, however, if you take a McDonalds aspect, you may only need 2-4 people to staff it throughout the day (if that).

It is cheaper to add machines and outsource than to add labor and people. Also expect this to roll through public sector also as tax revenue will fall off also and require the same wave of advancement.

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