Great reflective piece. This flamed up in 2003, no one cared, it got worse through 2008. No one cared.

Then when folks "started" to listen and Obama came in, these folks stated. We want jobs, we want protections, and we want to raise our families the way we see fit independently.

What did the DNC provide? ACA, a health care tax and shaming on reproductive and gay marriage.

Tone deaf?

2016 happens, and I lost count of the times I tried to say you are not listening, to be told that it isn't about economic poverty it is racism and sexism get with the program!

One can admit to that, but then when it comes time to talk (and one can admit this and walk forward), these same folks scream Trump sucks you suck bow before us .... Wait a minute, I tried to have a conversation and you went on you way and talked about climate change and the fact that people outside the house of America don't like us?

(snaps fingers)

I have the same fears you do, I do fight through them and work on my "shit", but every damn day it becomes obvious people are more in love with being right, having belief in their own bias that they forget it takes a sales person to win.

My favorite experiment I just attempted. Calling out people should learn about the adage:

Godwin's Law

To be told that more verbiage should be taught since my statement was wrong and will confuse people. Shoot the messenger instead of learning and growing and building bridges.

I have little faith, and you know what. Look at Nate Silver, he has a higher rating for success for Trump then I did in 2016 .... 29%. The kicker Biden had no bump from the convention. The GOP changed nothing on their platform, and frankly why should they. Why change, as one knows in strategy the best thing you can do sometimes is stand still and make your enemy nervous as hell.

So boom ... 2016 ... Election 2.0.

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