Dear men,

Women are using words to say what they feel without the threat of death. They have been doing this forever. We all need to step up and help them.

We need balance, and we need to give women the chance to be able to lead and be liberated.

When you see a woman being attacked, step up and call out against the person.

When you see a woman in bondage (whether by a spouse or a job or whatever), step up and provide assistance and be an ally, and if she asks for help be the advocate and step in.

When you see something that gives a woman joy, helps her achieve it or surprise her and give her what she likes with no strings attached.

If you like a woman, compliment her on her actions, accomplishments, her drive, things that take serious effort and energy, and not things we are born with.

If you love women, respect them and make sure you are worthy of being a partner fully formed and whole.

Help liberate a woman by removing roadblocks ahead of her, and blocking her by calling out those who shame her for being free and enjoying the pleasure she deserves.

Respect her body and pay attention to things that cause her issues and pain. Find positive things in those areas to make her feel good, and again with no strings attached.

Make her the first thing and empower her to lead.

Be a feminist, read up and ask educated questions

Be present, and be a light by being the best man you can be since if she achieves her goals, she will desire a man of her equal. She doesn't want Splenda when she can have raw sweet sugar.

Some guys will say what about me? When she is free and not fighting society and running at 100%, and can coast at 80-90%, you know what she will do?

She will lend you her reserves to help you fight your issues that you can't help yourself.

A great example would be Sarah Stroh’s article on men with ED. Women understand very well what it feels like to love someone, but their bodies and minds reject themselves.

When it is done and the battles are won, then when a woman is liberated, the dominance and pain that is assumed in our day will not be there. Will, there both other issues? Certainly, but with two genders and people fighting, it will be far easier to do.

Believe me. I am not a stupid guy, but I can only imagine if I had a community of my gender to help me through my shit, I wouldn't have lost over two decades limping along trying to survive. Just like Yael Wolfe documented. It sucks and is hell on earth.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.