Happy Birthday (Belated Again) (for you in response to your story)

She Is Free to Be

Fate Realization
Time Passing
Heart Breaking
Love Passing

Is it a Devil, Fate or Saint
That blessed or cursed
My wicked state

I have learned
As I yearned
That I have the magic pieces
That fit the core of a few souls

They must be strong
They must be feminine in spirit
They must be free
They must be willful
They must desire love

The shallow
The meek
Will always receive my
protection and love

But the fierce and strong
Will receive the passion
of my masculine sun

Too hot to touch
Too fierce to control
But the core knows
How to humble
And Never Run

The smart human
With strong feminine wiles
Knows how to step back
Knows when to embrace

They know the time
They know the place

The time is when
Their heart grows numb
Their soul grows dark
They mind goes blank

They reach for the sun
No fear in their heart
No hate on the their face
As they burn to a crisp
But awaken with grace

They open their eyes
When the transformation is done
All wrinkles are gone
The soft turned hard
The skin so warm it is fun

They are now free to run
To be free and to be
Running the fields
Feeling blessed to be whole
While enjoying the sun

You have two visible paths from my perspective. You need to close the chapters never to look back on the biological imperative. You either work your life and build stability and home, so you may have the chance to adopt for your own. You can also look at IVF (I actually have a female friend that has done this) and go solo. Or you can realize your child you bear is one of words and the arts and other things. Build a house and home where if someone powerful and deserving finds their way to your doorstep (or you find them while on the prowl) …. you both can build the child of a relationship together.

I fight the demons of booze and conversely porn which came about due to severe trauma, and the desire to stay true and loyal to my partner when on the road for 15 plus years. The dreams and desires you have are not bad, nor are the evil or are they wrong. But if one lets the thirst grow and you do things that cause people to take a step back …. you may want to come to the realization that those dreams and fantasizes of hope and future are dangerous and unhealthy.

You however, are not bad nor evil or wrong nor you are unhealthy. You are a strong and beautiful person that has been used and abused and hurt (neglect is abuse). Realize that and grow and be strong.

Love your family, but if they cause you pain remember family isn’t about blood. Step away and keep a mindful distance. Think of how you would desire your partner to be with you as a person. Do you want them to be needy and attached to you 24x7 (nothing wrong with that as long as consent is given) or do you want to have space and time.

You don’t have to answer that and both answers are a-ok and right.

Remember to take the time to self love. Dream about your dream lovers and partners but do so while powering your self up and through your self love. When done, put those dreams away and focus on your next chapter.

You have one guy … a simple but complex but simple man. A feminist man. A traditionally raised and respectful with chivalry man … who years to read that chapter and to take the time to understand. You also have many other women and men that desire the same from you too.

You are loved … now grow and do … but please don’t look back … strive forward.

Love …. all of us here your friends ….

What I ask for in kind payment for the poem …. is a title that you feel fits as I have left it blank for your inspiration.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.