Having a horse business, she will go to horse shows that run 2-3 weeks. We see it all the time with living quarters on horse trailers.

Her comment was and is, it is nice until you have to have to cleanup and maintain the septic on an RV or mobile living setup.

See we have 20 plus horses, and horses generate (no joke) 50lb of manure per day. You do the math on the cleanup. Humans are less "generative", but you know what the smell is epically worse.

The only thing that comes worse? Placenta afterbirth that has been sitting in the Texas sun. That is it ... human crap? Epic.

So I see this "free living", and it makes me cringe. She is the same, and we say.

Give us a hotel/motel room where the "shit" flows out and away, maid service and fresh sheets,

Then on top of it (like our F250 farm based truck), getting 8-10 MPG .... yeah ... watch the $$$$ flip away in the breeze.

So van life .... hmmm ok ... it better be to win a prize of millions of dollars or something ...

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