Healthy relationships set the boundaries that are necessary; however, how many truly healthy relationships does one see in real life, and how many books would it sell :)

How many people do you see now being helicopter parents, and why?

Now if he said no, then it could have been a murder mystery like he would normally right.

My interpretation is that he is describing what happens to a lot of men when it comes to family and marriage life. His needs and the relationship always is a second class citizenship.

What it is good for if you step back is a conversation between women and men about ensuring the relationship is healthy and whole.

Kind of like we are having right now.

The man should have set boundaries and stated we made these plans, and we are keeping to them. If your daughter is important then she can come with us, and if not choose her or me.

Or, we can stay home and BTW ... you are the man in this house you set up everything.

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