Hey you can trust me! I can't stand Toxic Masculinity!

So much there not said, and women get to deal with the faux biological male response to a very sensitive topic.

As for me, I would say Emma.

Lets sit down and have a coffee/wine/beer/whatever.

I can't stand what the Toxic Culture of Masculinity has done to me by empowering male fragility and empowering my default option to build stoic walls to keep people out of my heart to my damaged masculinity and warped sexuality due to the trauma of the environment.

I am a damaged man, who fought this battle, and I can't stand how a pop culture reference was empowered outside the room of therapists and damaged and hurt men into pop culture as the "phrase", that instead of empowering a conversation actually ends it.

I can't stand this, because a company called Gillete shames a man in pain and says you can be all that a man can be and "not dirty" if you buy our blades. Just like we shamed women for being dirty for having hairy legs.

This is the what I can't stand in 2020 about what society has done to tear down the walls of the patriarchy a phrase coined by women to help quantify the pain felt by women, to help heal both feminine and masculine spirits.

That is the cliff notes to the reality of most ...

Hey babe, I am Toxic Masculinity Averse wanna dance and drink and who knows ... chill? Trust me I am a woke man. Meanwhile, I am sipping my manhatten in a chilled glass up, or taking my scotch neat at the bar shaking my head. Poor women ... this is fucked.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.