Holy shit ... ding ding ding .... someone that finally sees this.

It is worse then that.

ACA was a tax that was leveled upon the jobless and dying middle of America when all they wanted was jobs as done via unions and the ability to feed and cloth themselves and the families.

When they pushed back, the end result was inflammation of tying reproductive rights (an important by side item that should be dealt separately and with the same force) to core health care rights.

SARS-COV-2 is a direct result of this fight. The reality is no one dares admit this.

Then when the fight rage on, then one side attacked anothers jaded bias on religious stance (would you like a piece of wedding cake), and boom

This is when the Civil War started, not 2016 but 2012.

It was like the north not realizing they were losing until the last battle before things turned at the edge of DC.

People will say .. but we won. At what cost? Raised earth policies will need to be done, which means with the help of China and Russia. There will be no America left "at all".

Think of it this way, this fight will be like if the South won, if the old democratic ways win. We do need to have the civilitiy and ethics and equality and consent rule the day, but it needs to be done consensually and not through an arranged and forced marriage.

Fantastic article. This is the first one I have seen that gets it.

In political groups on Traumabook (err FB), the ones that actually sided me as a liberal republican was the conservative and right oriented democrats.

They get it.

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