Honesty is a requirement for unconditional love with partnerships. Does it mean that conditional love in relationships isn't great and ok?

It is ok, but the question comes down to a person's priorities in life and what they desire.

The reality is it is truly insane to believe you can find the "one" that will fulfill everything. IT can happen, and if it does it will be perfect, but it doesn't mean you are an evil or worthless person if it doesn't.

Life is not fair. But relationships are made not "spontaneously" generated.

Why is unconditional love powered through honesty so "great"?

One spends all their energy on the other person and to fill in the holes in yourself. It is 100% growth with little to no "drag" in keeping up fake walls.

My experience is based upon being a male in a hierarchal society where I had to spend oodles of energy managing the masks and walls holding back the trauma and pain. This damaged so much in my life.

I can imagine if I was honest and open and moved on and fixed things ... the level of happiness I would have had decades earlier.


Life is too short, and people should grow and be living in the present planning and doing in the future.

They shouldn't build an altar of lies to prop up the past.

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