Hugs to you. I have had those moment in my life, where I found myself one weekend home in Indiana, then going out for my usual work trip for the week, to find out that one becomes three, and then bammo.

Critical project in Europe. So I rush to a store in San Francisco for some extra clothes and another suitcase, and re-jig "everything" for late fall in California for late fall in northern Germany.

Two weeks they promised! Not really 6.

I was around people, but really not. Not being bilingual and getting stuck while the guys go in and out to the UK home to the families and keeping things together, makes one feel the 60 day pain I can empathize.

Is it the same as being locked away in the cell of one's home? No, Yes, Maybe. See the hours I had to keep meant a PM would ring me I would rush down for breakfast, drive to an office, and the only engagement was meals and those commutes. All guys, so yeah no touch.

Pissed off partner, I mean not awesome disappearing for two months right? So the calls not cool, so the disconnect hurt a little bit more.

So enjoy beer, smokes (I quit 5 years ago), and good german food, but yeah ... watching lives go on around me while I pulled off a technical miracle one after the other (and actually my work saved the company in a lawsuit). Not really satisifying.

I looked in the mirror at my manties ... yes my luggage was lost and I had to by underwear at a Hugo Boss at an airport .... and laugh.

Modern man hear me whimper.

So the range of non-emotions emotions, I feel you Shani. It sucks, it hurts, it is bad. But fist bump to you over the distance. You are smart, strong, capable and wonderful. Don't give up.

Schedule a massage if you can, the human touch aspect will release some pain.

I am never going to minimize your pain as it sucks, but just know we are all in a Dante's Inferno the only question at what level of hell do we reside.

Remember the way out is to go through all levels.

Music and books are my go to to heal the boredom of time. I also have a wicked imagination, and remember to practice self-love because you are a treasure to humankind, don't forget it.

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