Humans are humans, one thing I figured out on my path is if one looks at the risks involved for women with sexual partnering (death, pregnancy etc), one might have to say they are actually the hornier of the species to override “all of that”.

As a guy one of the major issues for boys, is when the hormone bomb (or monster per “Big Mouth”) goes off it is epic and it happens when a boy is 8–12 (on average). Given boys develop slower than girls (on average) and lack the hard markers of womanhood (periods), it leads to overweighted observations about boys > men (using 18 and societies view) that guys always have the High Libido across the board while women don’t.

Add shame and blame (which happens a lot with both genders) and people freeze and shut down and stick with stereotypes and biases, and here we sit.

Given the push towards equality, I have a “gut” sense a lot of Generation Jones and X (and soon Y) will start to make the observation due to mental stress (now that men though not equally (yet)are picking up the emotional labor when in relationships) and starting to adult more, this stereotype will go away.

The real hard part though is the biological impact will be felt in the bedroom, where guys won’t be able to perform and then the question is how to evolve relationships from there. Given guys have exponentially less tools and experience in communicating feelings, this will lead to more “stoic” silence.

From my platonic female friends talking to me a hetero guy in a long-term relatinoship with my wife and not interested in straying, I have heard a lot of horror stories of guys failing to perform or failing over the long term in these areas, and some of them are like WTF sex isn’t supposed to be like this holy sh*t this sucks. All I can say is, when guys hit the brick wall, it takes a long time to even have he confidence to get up and pick up the shattered confidence shell that was a man. Some folks will say suck it up butter cup :), but when guys do that well communication on average shuts down which guarantees failure.

Great article (again)!

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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